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Noi Giovani Europei

Noi Giovani Europei is a format that was created as a follow-up to the event ‘Building the future: new policies for young people’ organized by Moby Dick ETS on Europe Day on 9 May 2016.

Moby Dick ETS, since it was established in 2005, has engaged to create a dialogue between politicians and young people, one of the goals being the promotion of non-formal education, at the service of constructive discussions. In recent years we have successfully implemented the projects “Noi Giovani Europei: crescere, partecipare, innovare’’,  “Noi Giovani Europei: What’s next” e ‘’Noi Giovani Europei: Youth at Work’’.

The project, which is based on the methodology of the Structured Dialogue, is an idea shared between institutional actors who from the beginning supported very much the creation of this format to have it called ” National Youth Meeting ”. The partners that actively operate in the realization of this meeting are: Municipality of Salerno, Regione Campania, National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI), National Youth Agency, University of Salerno through the OCPG, Campania Region Youth Forum and National Youth Council.

The main purpose is to have a serious and careful reflection on the implementation of national collaborations in the field of youth policies in a purely European dimension. For this purpose, every year actors involved in Youth Policies are engaged: institutions, politicians, administrators, representatives of youth organizations and students from all over Italy and in some cases from European countries.

The result of each meeting is the preparation of “policy papers” by the involved actors, in order to get them to take regulatory pathways according to the principle of participation and active citizenship.