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Universal Civil Service

Since 2020 Moby Dick ETS has started the accreditation process as a coordinating entity for the Universal Civil Service; consequently, it deals with accrediting offices for the hosting of volunteers (in public bodies and civil society organizations).

The program provides for the so-called training credits for those who implement the Universal Civil Service, which can be then recognized in the context of education or professional training. Universities can also recognize training credits for activities performed during the Universal Civil Service that are relevant to their curriculum. For volunteers, a monthly refund of € 439.50 is provided. The activities carried out does not determine an employment relationship and it does not involve the suspension and the removal from the placement lists or from mobility lists.

Young people who choose to participate in Universal Civil Service projects have the right to receive general and specific training. General training is based on the knowledge of the principles that are the basis of universal community service. Specific training is inherent to the peculiarity of the project. The overall duration of general and specific training cannot be shorter than 80 hours.

Becoming a civil service volunteer is fulfilling the desire to give something of yourself to the others and to your country, the opportunity to acquire knowledge and practical skills but more generally represents an opportunity for personal growth and training. For this reason, the Universal Civil Service can be a useful experience to spend in the workplace.