In times of pandemic, the network is the main form of interpersonal communication. The increase of web in the workplace and beyond, represented an epochal turning point during the emergency.
At Moby Dick we have decided to do our part, stimulating the youngsters and those who follow our projects, with a fast and smart format: Moby Talk.
In 20 minutes, through a double interview, two protagonists (a Moby Dick contact person and an institutional representative) discuss on key points concerning the current period.
First part: 3 “open answer” questions and a maximum of 2 minutes to answer.
Second part: 5 closed-ended questions, where a single word is contemplated to express a concept.
The first talks featured Giuseppe Caruso, President of the Regional Youth Forum – Campania and Francesco Piemonte President of Moby Dick. We mainly discussed with them the economic aid for young people, students, professionals and micro-enterprises, foreseen by the Emergency Plan of the Campania Region, also giving space to the projects put in place in these 2 months of lockdown and to the importance of the role of young people in the recovery of the territory.
Representing youth bodies to the competent institutions, promoting support activities for young people in this critical phase, being the link between new generations and organizations, this is the mission of the Youth Forum, which is the spokesperson for Caruso. Insights into European planning, support to local areas, personal and professional commitment to cope with the emergency, the points touched on by Francesco Piemonte.
To the question: “The winning weapon of young people today”? the answers were: competence, social networks and resilience.

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