The third appointment with Moby Talk happened in the aftermath of phase 2, a crucial moment to understand the direction of our lives in this moment of destabilizing emergency.

We decided to focus on what are the potentials and difficulties of this “passage” on an emotional and practical level.

We did it with Paolo Schetter, Psychologist and Psychotherapist and member of Moby Dick and with Carlo Marino, Mayor of Caserta, as well as President of ANCI Campania.

What are the changes that will characterize phase two and given the times and what tasks will be entrusted to young people. How we prepare to face the concept of “fear”, given the long period of lockdown and how institutions can be close to citizens in this sense. How do you plan to act on activities that are not considered essential, but necessarily vital for everyone (with reference to the world of entertainment and relaxation). These are the issues posed to our interlocutors who did not spare themselves in their interventions and punctually expressed points of view and solutions.

President Marino, underlined the importance of listening by the institutions, declaring himself convinced that young people, having a “visionary life reading capacity” can give a great hand. Given the difficult period, he then invites the institutions themselves to transmit hope but above all clarity, “only in this way fear can be fought”.
In conclusion, when we asked President Marino what he will remember from this period, he spoke to us about the great humanity of the people, while Paolo Schetter calls for responsible behavior to overcome this moment.

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