Moby Talk ends its cycle of 4 appointments by dedicating the latest direct FB to digitization: blessing and curse of this pandemic period.

“How is the world of the web changing and what are the opportunities offered by social media and digitization following the COVID-19 emergency”? These are the questions on which we focused our talk.

We did it with Martina Cian, member of the Board and Treasurer of Moby Dick and Nicola Savino, founder of the Savino Solution.

In the usual 20 minutes (approximately) we tried to give answers regarding the strengths and weaknesses of digital. The network as a resource, for work and human relationships, put to the test in recent times, but also the network as a synonym of excess, fake news, trap.

“We must always remember that there is a person behind a monitor” – underlines Nicola Savino, inviting responsibility, while Martina, thinking about the future, underlines: “to start again we need 2 things: access to all digital and more innovation with “Interaction”, as a more human use of digital favors the social interactions “.

We talked about smart working, the enormous value that digital technology is developing and gave advice to young people on how to channel their energies into the world of the web.

But is Italy really ready for the change we are experiencing?

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