In the next days the Buonabitacolo Youth Forum will officially start the project “I mestieri della lunga vita” (the trades of long life) which will be realized with the support of the Campania Region and the National Department for youth polices and Universal Civil Service -Contributes 2019-.

The victory of “Giovani in Comune”competition was an extraordinary finish line for the Buonabitacolese reality, which find itself in the top position of the ranking, reaching a score of 80/100.

The entire project idea will see the involvement of the entire territory by creating partecipation, through positive example of active citizenship and creating learning cycles for the preservation of one’s historical memory using , at the same time, cutting-edge tools. In fact, podcasts will be created through the Web radio which will make it possible the dissemination of all project activities as well as the results of the project in their constant  realization. When the project will end, the web radio will be available for other future projects.

The project will be realized by the Buonabitacolo Youth Forum, supported by Moby Dick ETS and in collaboration with Lab-Oratorio AC00…R Buonabitacolo, the Buonabitacolo Pro Loco and the municipality of Buonabitacolo.

There will be three project macro-areas that will host three events respectively:

  • The frist macro-area will focus on the rediscovery of the ancient crafts, with the identification of the experts in the field giving life to creation of 4 laboratory, of 8 meetings each, each of which focus on an ancient crafts (shoemaker, tailor, carpenter, traditional soap maker) during which citizens will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of the ancient artisan arts. The construction period will take place from November 2020 to April 2021;
  • The second macro-area will create active citizenship through a conference on sport and in particular with the creation of a human foosball, a recreational sports event capable of creating fun and strong relational and community connections. Participants will wear white T-shirt and cross the streets of the town in a marathon, while citizen will throw powdered colors in an attempt to color the marathon runners. The construction period will take place in August 2021;
  • The third macro-area will be dedicated to education with reference to proper nutrition: in March 2021 two training days will be organized with nutrition experts; the guys of the forum, after having learned the conditions, will go themselves to schools to create circles of knowledge about healthy lifestyles and the enhancement of the Mediterranean diet. Later the guys involved will go to visit the museum of the Mediterranean Diet in Pioppi (SA).

In conclusion, a final event will be organized during which all the works of the entire project will be presented.

Regarding the project, they expressed themselves:

  • The mayor of Buonabitacolo, Giancarlo Guercio: “ “Giovani in comune” certifies the fruitful commitment of the Buonabitacolo Youth Forum. A real project that brings together the best energies of our country. It is a useful initiative to learn about and to narrate some peculiarities of the local tradition, but with innovative and experimental languages. A heartfelt thanks goes to all the guys of the Forum for having realized a really useful and profitable project. “
  • The Coordinator of the Youth Forum of Buonabitacolo, Emiddio Federico Lapenta: “Here we are, we are ready to leave. After a lot of commitment and determination, in the coming days we will start the implementation of the project that will see us engaged until August 2021 together with other active realities in the area. I thank on beehalf of the Board of Directors, who will support the project, who has given and will give a decisive contribution. We strongly believe in what we will do trying to send an important message to everyone and leave something concrete above all to the new generations. Follow us on our social channels to stay updated during the entire executive period which will certainly be challenging but also very full of surprises “
  • The President of the Regional Forum, Giuseppe Caruso: “A praise to the initiative put in place by the Youth Forum of Buonabitacolo, as the initiative fully respects the mission of the public notice” Youth in the Municipality “which was precisely finance the activities of the municipal forums to create moments of aggregation but above all moments in which young people could meet to develop proposals for their respective territories “


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