For next winter in Nocera Superiore is expected, a large group of young people and European experts in the sector of cultural and archaeological heritage.

The Municipality of Nocera Superiore has seen the project ” Why Preserve History? ” Approved and financed with 18 thousand euros by the Erasmus + program in collaboration with Moby Dick ETS and with the coordination of Raffaele Satiro.

The initiative will be held in January and March 2021 and will see 32 guests among young people and experts in the field of archeology from Croatia, Cyprus, Romania and Italy. The general objective is to raise awareness of the community spirit and to become responsible and European citizens capable of internalizing that Europe must constantly build on the local diversity represented by the knowledge of its own history and the promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage.

Participants will share their traditional, cultural and artistic knowledge, learning from each other the different way of observing and practicing art.  The local community will have the opportunity to deal with European good practices for the promotion and networking of archaeological sites and cultural heritage in general.  The project aims to start a process of enhancement of the local heritage in a not only regional and national perspective, but going straight to the promotion and sharing at the European level.

The activities will affect the entire municipal area and in particular the archaeological park where the participants will study the best communication techniques and create video-documentaries, sharing their work on social and web platforms of the sector, while developing their digital skills aimed at elaborating  an innovative marketing and communication plan for Nocera Superiore.

Moby Dick ETS’ President Francesco Piemonte expresses satisfaction for the project that arises from a collaboration started last year with the Municipality of Nocera Superiore and comments that this first small success with the institution is only a starting point for future collaborations.

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