With “Salerno in Gioco”, Moby Dick starts the recovery of social life for Salernitans

The loan to support young people in the area was awarded with the October ranking.

Moby Dick ETS re-enters the projects financed by the Department for Family Policies, “EduCare” public notice concerning the “FINANCING OF NON-FORMAL AND INFORMAL EDUCATION PROJECTS AND RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES FOR THE EMPOWERMENT IN CHILDHOOD AND ADOLESCENCE” and with a project that involves children aged 11 to 17, once again bringing shine to the territory.

“Salerno in Gioco” is a network project concerning the Third Sector and created for the very young. It will be carried out by Moby Dick ETS (lead partner), Carisal Foundation and CSI Salerno, with the support of the Municipality and the Province of Salerno.

The absence of social and recreational activities in recent months has caused a slowdown in the education of children, both at formal and informal level, and the Third Sector can help to recover the missed activities.

The project requires each partner to make their own contribution in terms of skills. Specifically, Moby Dick will take care of presenting the non-formal education methodologies, the CSI of Salerno its sports skills and the Carisal Foundation its willingness to develop peer education and intergenerational learning.

Therefore, three different paths will be created, ranging from expression and communication workshops, to the recovery of traditions and knowledge of the territory, to sport, all interconnected.

“From our analysis it emerged that it was necessary to implement multidisciplinary interventions to encourage young people to participate (also based on the current legislation against COVID-19) in active life for their community” – says Francesco Piemonte, president of Moby Dick ETS – “The innovation of the project lies precisely in the joint approach of three fundamental aspects for the personal growth of the young person, which are education, sport and continuous learning.”

The six-month long project will start next February and will aim to give space to local children, training them to be responsible and active citizens as well as representing an effective educational and recreational alternative in the city of Salerno.

Given the complicated period caused by the COVID emergency, activities in person are expected, but with all the useful devices to avoid contagion and with the right social distancing as required by current regulations.

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