The organization ranks No. 7 in the ranking of 583 projects submitted.

It is Moby Dick ETS that will bring a wave of internationality to Salerno with the “Europa + Vicina” project thanks to the “Youth for Social 2018” call.

In a time of crisis, like the one we are experiencing, the distances are shorter thanks to this plan which sees the collaboration of the Carisal Foundation and the Unisa OCPG, with the partnership of the Municipality of Salerno and the Campania Region.

Moby Dick, led by President Francesco Piemonte, who has always been involved in the field of youth policies and European planning, has once again joined forces to give life to this new project.

The set objective is to strengthen inclusion and social cohesion, by promoting the values ​​and tools at the basis of active and European citizenship.

The initiative sees the realization of interventions on the territory of the Campania region concerning the training of young people, from 16 to 35 years old, belonging to different social categories (particularly affecting young people with fewer opportunities), through a series of activities related to European mobility and knowledge of the tools made available by the EU. Fundamental will also be the promotion of the figure of the Youth Worker, already widely recognized in Europe, as well as the intent to start an awareness process towards third sector entities present in the territory.

In concrete terms, the project, to be developed over two years, involves the creation of information paths concerning EU funds, courses concerning the figure of “Expert in European Project Planning” and “Socio-educational operators in the field of youth policies”, the possibility to have internships and real experiences in local organization, the creation of proposals to be presented to stakeholders, the participation in events and initiatives that will put the world of young people in communication by providing them with the appropriate skills to face what awaits them tomorrow.

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