ESC Memories: The story of a one special pair of shoes

It could happen, sometimes, that a glance can say more than a thousand words and that the beating of the heart is synchronized with that of another…  well, those emotions can completely change your day…

It could happen that a country may welcome two young volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps and with them to begin a journey made of integration, sociality, solidarity and cultural exchange.

The European Solidarity Corps represents an opportunity to observe Europe once again and see the presence of Melda and Diana, coming from Turkey and Romania, exploring Italy, the country which for 8 and 12 months is now their new home.

It could then happen that the two girls are immediately integrated in the group, starting to discover the new territory and so on arriving to Morcone (a village in the Benevento area) for a new project aimed to exchange experiences and skills with their peers. On this occasion, a visit to the town is a must. Culture and history can be felt in the narrow streets and squares and so the curiosity pushes Melda to get into a little shop. The craftsman is from the place, specialized in the ancient art of shoemaking… and there is where the magic happens.

The eyes, the facial features of our Turkish volunteer catch the attention of the owner who sees in her the face of his daughter, lost many years before. The meeting between the two is a real affinity, the languages are different, there is need for someone to translate the words but the emotions … those cannot be.

It could happen that a visit to Morcone can become an indelible memory among the many moments lived thanks to the European Solidarity Corps project … reinforced by the gift of a pair of shoes.

Thus, it could happen that a group of young people smile, cry and save this special memory forever in the depth of their mind and so the ESC project is not alive just for 12 months, but forever.

It could happen … it happened to us!

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