ESC – an experience without boundaries!

Moby Dick – among the organizations chosen to welcome the volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps

We write ‘’European Solidarity Corps’’ … we read opportunities!

…. the same opportunity taken by our two volunteers, Melda and Diana, a year ago now.

As an organization dedicated to youth sector, with an eye always focused on Europe, we at Moby Dick have accepted the proposal promoted by the European Union.

Since 2018 Moby Dick ETS is accredited to the European Voluntary Service (EVS) and has obtained the Quality Label for the management, reception and sending of volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps (ESC).

The ESC project was born with the aim of building more inclusive societies, giving to both organizations and volunteers the opportunity to live unique experiences.

Young people up to 30 years of age, belonging to EU Member States or to “partner” countries can participate by finding opportunities for work or volunteering in their own country or abroad.

The participation period can vary from 2 to 12 months and the experience can cover different areas: education, health, integration, etc. areas that are in line with the mission and principles of the European Solidarity Corps.

Once in the host city, the volunteers will be able to take advantage of free board and lodging, in addition to the round trip and a small allowance for daily needs.

The volunteers will be involved in the activities of the host organization, with a full-time commitment.

We at Moby Dick, after our first experience, are already ready to welcome two other young volunteers ready to live with them new unforgettable moments.

For all information  you can visit our dedicated section here.

And the Italian National Agency section here

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