Moby Dick ETS – be part of the new European Solidarity Corps project “ACTIVENSHIP” in southern Italy

Moby Dick ETS won for 3rd time in a row a new European Solidarity Corps project! The aim of the project is to promote European citizenship and the values of Europe through experiences of volunteering and commitment through solidarity actions in the local area. The initiative will give the opportunity to 4 youngsters from Europe to develop and share the European values of solidarity in our Salerno area from next autumn starting on 1st of October 2020 until 30 September 2021.

The activities will take place for a year at the ‘’Università delle 3 età’’ of San Cipriano Picentino (SA) due to the partnership with the Municipality of San Cipriano Picentino and the educational center.

The Institute offers, totally free of charge, a series of courses aimed at the local population, or anyone who wants to be part of it, focused on a wide area of subjects. It is a place of culture opened to all those who desire to improve their knowledge, to debate opinions and thoughts, to those who desire to continuing to learn and enrich self’s inner world.

The project therefore aims to create an opportunity for the exchange of experiences between volunteers and the community which, by engaging in activities aimed at promoting culture and social participation in public life, can be an example of collaboration and active citizenship, promoting social change and the development of their own communities.

The project also intends to become the spokesperson and promoter of the experience of the European Solidarity Corps initiative as the main vehicle for enhancing European citizenship, helping to overcome socio-cultural barriers, creating a concrete sense of belonging to the European Union.

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